CSR Commitments

The XPO Logistics commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our economic model


For XPO Logistics, being responsible vis-à-vis the environment, society and staff is an integral part of our economic model. Our Group has a clear objective - to become and remain a leading international supply chain partner - and our corporate social responsibility forms a key part of this goal. 


XPO Logistics: a responsible brand

The CSR initiatives undertaken by XPO Logistics are intended to give meaning to its actions for our clients and our People in Red. Our CSR commitments are really meaningful as they combine economic, environmental, social and corporate interests. With regard to HR policies, Health & Safety and the environment, these commitments have a central place in our differentiation strategy: they are integral to how we execute the solutions we provide to our clients and contribute towards making XPO Logistics a responsible brand. 


Our four pillars of sustainable development

At the heart of our sustainable development policy we have defined four areas whose performance have been monitoring for a number of years. These areas are directly linked to the characteristics, and values, of our business. 


1. Road Safety

As Europe's leading transport provider employing more than 10,000 drivers, we make road safety our priority and consequently ensure our drivers are properly integrated into the company, trained and motivated. With each driver covering on average 550,000 km without causing an accident, our transport performance is significantly better than the sector average. 


2. Reducing CO₂ Emissions

In operating Europe's largest fleet, XPO Logistics is at the forefront of the fight to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by our transport activities. Thanks to numerous initiatives focused on our vehicles (and fuel in particular), driving and route planning, we can now boast a result of 65.17g of CO₂ emissions/tonne-kg compared to 65.97g* in 2012. Our efforts have saved 54,000 tonnes of CO₂ since 2010. 

*the average for the sector in France is 84g of CO₂/tonne-kg


3. Environmental Site Management

Operating almost 300 logistics sites across Europe, we are constantly trying to find ways of reducing the environmental impact of our activity, so we actively practice environmental site management. By the end of 2013, 42% of our buildings in Europe had ISO 14001 certification. 


4. Social integration and promotion

To meet our growth targets, XPO Logistics can rely on the commitment of our 37,700 staff worldwide. Our HR policy prioritises training and internal promotion for everyone. Out objective for the year: to fill 60% of key positions by internal promotion.


Annual Reporting 

In the domain of CSR, we are committed to the long-term as it allows us to measure performance and undertake corrective action if neccessary. We have a detailed CSR reporting protocpol, which meets the requirements of the French "Grenelle II" Law. With a view to continuous improvement, this protocol is updated annually and distributed to all those involved in its reporting. The performance indicators presented in the  "Corporate, Social and Environmental Report" were selected by the Group based on thier relevance to the activity of the three business lines.