You Grow We Grow

Your Success Is our Success


XPO Logistics is a success story. We owe this, above all, to the excellence of our employees. Ever since it was first established, our company has enabled all those wishing to evolve professionally to express their talents, innovate and grow as people. This also helps our organisation to develop.

XPO Logistics enables everyone to plan their own career and realise their current and future ambitions within the company. This is made possible by an organisation that promotes the following initiatives:


  • Participative management
  • Training policy, internal promotion
  • Multi-expertise
  • International experience


As the driving force behind the company, our employees share and uphold the same values of entrepreneurship, excellence, commitment and unity, meet challenges all over the world and win the trust of our customers every day.

By working with XPO Logistics, you will join a team of 84,000 people who are committed to a personal story that unfolds every day! A shared success story.