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Safety and Security

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Safety is always a priority for us: on the road, in the warehouse and in the community.

At XPO Logistics, we are proud to conduct our business according to safety standards that are exemplary in our industry. Our teams are trained in all aspects of safe operations, using the most advanced equipment and facilities. XPO is a pioneer in road safety: our Safe Driving Plan is in place in all of our European subsidiaries and establishes world-class procedures to prevent risks arising from the transportation of goods. In logistics, our Safe Handling Plan establishes the safety policies that are adhered to by our warehouse and order preparation teams.


Road safety is a longstanding priority for XPO and a daily commitment for our drivers, all of whom are trained in defensive driving techniques to minimise risk. Our European drivers travel almost 750,000 accident-free kilometres a year on average – the equivalent of over 18 times around the Earth. This performance is significantly higher than the industry average; we attribute it to our Safe Driving Plan, initiated 25 years ago, The All Together For Safety program we developed for our transport operations minimises workplace accidents through extensive training.

We also comply with the most stringent safety and security standards according to the nature of the goods we handle. For example, we satisfy the requirements of ADR European standards for the transport of dangerous goods.


All of our logistics sites comply with an extensive safety program. This involves:

  • Identifying and resolving risks quickly
  • Raising employee awareness of potential risks as a preventative measure
  • Designing, operating and maintaining facilities and equipment in a manner that mitigates risks and limits consequences
  • Implementing and continuously enhancing a safety management system
  • Ensuring that all devices, alert plans and emergency measures function as planned through regular testing and assessments

For our warehouses classified as SEVESO II or COMAH, we manage all operations to strict safety standards that meet or exceed regulatory directives.