Find Loads on XPO Connect™

How can I search for loads?

Searching for available loads is a breeze with XPO Connect™ for Carriers. Customise your search by filtering for factors like origin country, empty miles, dates, and equipment type to find the perfect loads for your fleet.

What sort of loads does XPO Connect™ offer to carriers?

XPO Connect™ provides carriers with opportunities to handle full truck loads across Europe, aligning with your business needs and capacities. You can discover more here: Click to see offers.


Where can I find loads for my empty truck?

Discover in real-time all of our “one-way” load opportunities on XPO Connect™. Simply navigate to 'Loads' from the main menu toolbar, then select 'Available loads' to explore your options.


How can I simplify my load search?

Once in the Loads section, you will see three subsections, ‘All loads’, ‘Recommended’, and ‘Preferred Loads’.

  • In 'All loads', you can discover all of our freight opportunities across Europe. You can also set saved searches here, which enables you to speed up your future searches. Set your search by using the various dropdown filters such as location, distance, date, and equipment, and then clicking ‘Save’.


  • You can also activate load alert notifications on your saved search, for both email and / or SMS notifications.
  • In the 'Recommended' and 'Preferred Loads' sections, you can benefit from our AI-driven freight suggestions that align with your preferences and requirements.


How can I place an offer on a load?

Placing an offer is straightforward. Select the load you're interested in, then set your price, verify your contact details, and click 'place bid'. Your offers will be evaluated by the XPO team. You can track the progress of your offers on your Bids page.


Who should I contact to get more information on the load?

Each load detail contains the contact information of the respective XPO representative under the 'XPO representative' section (below the equipment requirements, commodity details, and notes of the load), facilitating direct and effective communication.


How do I know if my offer was accepted or rejected?

Keep tabs on the status of your offers through your Bids page. In case of rejection, we are here to assist you in finding alternative suitable loads.