My Transport & Loads on XPO Connect™

Where can I find all the loads I have upcoming or completed with XPO?

You can access a comprehensive overview of all your ongoing and completed loads with XPO on your XPO Connect™ account. The 'My Loads' page will allow you to see this view in real-time.

How can I confirm the loading of and delivery of the load?

XPO supports real-time connectivity to cater to customer tracking needs. We offer several options to confirm loading and deliveries. These are:

  • On-board telematics (either your telematics terminals, the truck manufacturers’ onboard system, or simply the GPS device of your trucks or trailers). XPO will be able to validate automatically the loading and unloading operations, as well as calculating an updated ETA for you.
  • “System-to-system” integration.
  • Our mobile tracking app, Drive XPO, where drivers can manually report loading and unloading operations, as well as upload proof of delivery documents such as CMR, Bill of Lading, and Delivery notes.

I already have a tracking solution, how can I connect it to XPO?

If you are managing all the above requirements through a TMS / tracking solution, you can effortlessly integrate your existing tracking solution with XPO through our Real-Time Connectivity Platform, which facilitates seamless “system-to-system” interaction.

How can I report an incident on the load?

Use our mobile tracking application, Drive XPO, to manually report any incidents concerning the load, ensuring smooth communication and quick resolution.

Where should I send the proof of delivery documents?

Login to XPO Connect™ and on the main menu toolbar select ‘Loads’, followed by ‘My Loads’. This will bring up the My Loads menu where you can find all the loads covered by your trucks.

Select your load if it is immediately visible, or use the advanced filters to find your load and upload all the missing delivery documents.

Here, you can easily upload all necessary delivery documents using the 'UPLOAD POD' option on the right side of the screen. Selecting this will bring up an ‘Upload proof of delivery’ pop-up. Drag your files into it and click on ‘Upload’. The proof of delivery will then be marked as ‘Available’.

Where should I send my invoice?

Through XPO Connect™ for carriers, submit your invoices directly to our branches in specific countries: France, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Netherlands.

To send invoices to our other branches, please follow the guidelines provided in your transport order confirmation.

Where can I track the payment status of my invoices?

Track the status and access details of your invoices anytime on XPO Connect™ for carriers, where you can also download proofs of payment for your records.

My invoices are not visible on my XPO Connect™ account, what should I do?

If your invoices don't appear in your XPO Connect™ account, it might be due to regional restrictions.

Payment information is available on XPO Connect™ for transport invoices sent to our branches in: France, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Morocco.

XPO Distribution activities (XPO Distribution France and XPO Distribution Europe) are currently excluded from the scope of information available in XPO Connect™. Payment statuses are also not available yet on XPO Connect™ for invoices sent to our branches in the UK.

To track invoices sent to the branches above, please refer to the instructions and contacts given in your transport order confirmation.