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Bouygues Telecom Case Study

Essential parts management that improves network maintenance.


Bouygues Telecom, a leading French mobile phone and internet service provider, needed a streamlined order and delivery process for its spare parts supply chain. The company sought a fail-safe inventory management solution to ensure that critical parts reached 250 technicians on demand, without delay.


XPO Logistics designed an innovative solution to manage the flow of spare parts to Bouygues technicians and installers. Services include next-day delivery before 9am to over 100 Bouygues collection points across France, and a 24/7 urgent delivery option. On average, we handle almost 2,000 urgent orders a year for our customer at 22 dedicated local distribution centers. XPO’s IT experts worked closely with Bouygues to develop online functionality that allows its technicians to place and track orders from their mobile devices using a customised logistics management portal. This is a gateway to orders, inventory data and support. Our remote system for maintenance inventory management automatically generates delivery documentation while tracking parts in transit.


XPO’s solution has significantly reduced the time between the receipt of a parts order and delivery. Now that Bouygues can count on a reliable flow of spare parts and optimised stock levels, its technicians have more confidence in the quality of their service. Our teams are now collaborating on additional ways to improve the maintenance supply chain with XPO’s support.

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