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Brandt Case Study

Tailored IT architecture to streamline multiple links in the supply chain.


XPO has been Groupe Brandt’s logistics and transport solutions provider for over a decade. When the home appliances manufacturer decided to centralize its French logistics operations in a single warehouse, Brandt turned to XPO for our expertise, our investment capacity and our ability to provide streamlined solutions for multiple links in the supply chain.


XPO’s integrated logistics and transport solution, based at a dedicated warehouse site in northern France, offers Brandt a single point of contact for all its supply chain needs. The 70,000m2 facility is one of the largest home appliance warehouses in Europe and features state-of-the-art technology and processes. These include smart sensor-clamp forklift trucks with the ability to pick up to 16 large appliances at a time by automatically adjusting the clamp pressure, and a tracking system that scans an appliance every time it is moved. We work closely with Brandt on implementing these technological innovations, as well as a tailored IT architecture designed to interface XPO’s warehouse management system with Brandt’s ERP system.


XPO’s scale and scope of capabilities have enabled Brandt to offer its retail customers a highly-responsive service in a market that is evolving rapidly. The enduring professional relationship between our two companies is based on mutual trust and XPO’s proven commitment to support Brandt’s strategic goals.

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