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Exide Case Study

Integrated solutions for integrated transport, managed by a multilingual KeyPL team.


Exide is a global leader in automotive and transport batteries, with 24 sites across Europe and product deliveries to 48 countries. When Exide decided to optimize its transport operations through a new 4PL operator, XPO Logistics’ KeyPL capabilities were the ideal solution. We offered Exide international expertise and an ability to manage a large number of carriers with absolute efficiency and no compromise to quality.


KeyPL is XPO’s integrated suite of transport solutions that optimize flows and provide robust operational and management data. Before operations for Exide began, XPO teams visited all 24 European sites and every carrier. We then developed a customized EDI as a transparent interface for real-time visibility and detailed reporting between KeyPL, our customer and the largest carriers. Exide was assigned a dedicated, 14-person KeyPL team fluent in six languages, with the expertise to manage 80 carriers, working from 200 agencies in six currency zones. The market geography stretches from Norway to Portugal, and Poland to the United Kingdom.


Exide was able to count on a reliable external transport solution covering its 24 European sites just six months after awarding the contract. The transition has been seamless, and all production and distributed sites are receiving their shipments on time from one end of the continent to the other.

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