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Frigoglass Case Study

A total solution that ensures the flow of ICM streams worldwide.


Frigoglass is world leader in ice-cold merchandiser (ICM) equipment, providing innovative storage and dispensing units to world-class beverage brands in 100 countries. Given the seasonality of customer requirements, Frigoglass needed an experienced logistics and transport provider capable of handling the entire supply chain, from stock management to international transport and installation.


XPO Logistics proposed a full-service solution that uses specially trained, multi-skilled teams to deliver and install Frigoglass equipment. Up to 50 trucks per day are loaded and unloaded during peak beverage seasons, travelling across Europe to set up ICMs in response to fast-paced changes in demand. Upstream, XPO runs daily shuttles between Frigoglass production plants and warehouses that can flex between 7,500m² and 15,000m2 of storage.


Frigoglass benefits from the expertise, agility and dedication of XPO’s teams. Our fluid capacity constantly adjusts costs in line with product flows, and our technology provides real-time tracking of equipment deliveries and installations. These capabilities enhance supply chain management for Frigoglass while delivering the efficiencies of an outsourced solution.

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