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Major Appliances: Whirlpool, Samsung and Beko Case Study

Consolidated flows that dramatically improve efficiency and customer service.


For household appliance brands Whirlpool, Samsung and Beko, XPO Logistics’ KeyPL control tower provides shared solutions that reduce transport costs and improve the companies’ environmental footprint in France. These manufacturers are leveraging XPO’s capacity, technology and KeyPL ability to source and manage the optimal carriers for transport needs that vary daily.


XPO took the initiative to propose that the three manufacturers share logistics and distribution operations to create significant efficiencies. We developed a customized KeyPL solution that consolidates the orders for all three brands, sorting them according to delivery destinations and dates. Our KeyPL organization then merges the orders into full truckloads, making fewer deliveries to each destination. This integrated transport solution works as an independent operation, managing an extensive network of carriers and guaranteeing quality and reliability. The carriers adhere to our processes and use our dedicated EDI system to ensure seamless data exchanges. This facilitates real-time visibility and detailed reporting on performance. Additional services include tender and invoice management and tailored improvement plans.


Whirlpool, Samsung and Beko have been able to dramatically reduce the number of movements to and from their customers, with about 225,000 individual orders a year merged into 58,000 consolidated orders, flowing into 25,000 shipments. They also benefit from our continual investments in cutting-edge technology, which underpins ongoing cost reductions and customer service improvements.

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