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Red Bull Case Study

Customised technology manages specialised co-packing and other value-added services.


In 2010, global energy drink leader Red Bull selected XPO Logistics as its logistics provider in Italy, expanding on successful relationships with our supply chain teams in the UK and Portugal. Four years later, improved service levels and a strong IT performance by XPO led Red Bull to renew its contract in Italy.


Red Bull beverages and coolers account for approximately 20% of the storage at XPO’s 45,000m2 distribution center near Bologna in northern Italy. Our state-of-the-art facilities streamline the handling of chilled and frozen perishables, and comply with safety protocols, regulatory compliances and waste reduction measures. Our IT gives Red Bull full visibility into all product flows, from reception at the distribution center to delivery. Additional custom capabilities include state-of-the-art expiry date management, returns management and enhanced stock level data reporting. We integrated a dedicated Red Bull co-packing line into our warehouse operation, assembling store-ready displays for dispatch to about 1,000 retail points across Italy. We also provide highly tailored services for Red Bull’s cooler products, including value-added merchandising, transport services and reverse logistics.


XPO’s specialised co-packing and cooler services have enabled Red Bull to achieve new levels of customer service excellence in Italy, with complete accountability from receipt to delivery and returns. Close collaboration between XPO and Red Bull is continuing to improve efficiency and drive down costs through a robust technology infrastructure.

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