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Rettig Case Study

A blended, next-day transport solution of dedicated and network capacity.


Rettig brings together Europe's leading brands for radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls, selling direct to plumbing and heating wholesalers. Inbound and outbound flows represent an average annual volume of over three million units. Rettig had two main objectives in seeking a strong transport provider: the first was to improve its delivery process across the UK with a transport solution that would adjust capacity to match seasonal fluctuations, eliminating unnecessary costs; and second, the company wanted to increase service levels with a real-time solution for shipment tracking.


XPO Logistics custom-designed a transport solution for Rettig based on a core fleet of XPO vehicles dedicated to the Rettig distribution centre in Birtley, Durham. We source additional capacity as needed through our next-day delivery network. We were able to drive further improvements in the transport process by providing Rettig with actionable data about order cycles, enabling our customer to introduce recommended delivery days into the order system and better manage daily picking. And by interfacing XPO’s technology with Rettig’s ERP system, we have given Rettig’s customers accurate visibility of their orders in real-time.


Each week, we make next-day, outbound deliveries of approximately 40,000 radiators and heating control units for Rettig, using an optimal mix of dedicated capacity and XPO network capacity. This blended solution, supported by state-of-the-art technology, has improved Rettig’s annual percentage of correct-day deliveries in the UK to approximately 99%.

XPO Logistics’ transport expertise adds value to our business and their part-dedicated, part-network solution has made a significant contribution to our ongoing success in the UK. Our supply chain now matches our daily requirements and enables us to provide our customers with an efficient, cost-effective delivery service.
Grant Lennon
Operations Director,

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