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SC Johnson Case Study

Modern, innovative SEVESO logistics that comply with individual requirements.


A leader in the highly competitive home hygiene market, SC Johnson requires accurate order preparation and responsive transport planning integrated with value-added services. The company sought a logistics provider with deep experience in managing SEVESO-compliant warehouses for aerosol and liquid storage of hazardous goods. Rigorous cost control and stock management were also requirements; the stock must be managed to ensure availability, reduce inventory levels and optimise deliveries.


XPO Logistics has implemented value-added services for SC Johnson in modern Seveso II shared warehouses in France and in Italy. These two XPO facilities include semi-automated co-packing lines and flexible processes that comply with individual retailer requirements for order preparation. We also dedicated a team to SC Johnson to manage full truckload and less-than-truckload deliveries. Approximately 60% of flows involve fewer than 10 pallets — and sometimes only a single pallet. Deliveries to retailer networks are guaranteed by appointment, and we handle returns.


XPO has extensive expertise in solving logistics challenges for manufacturers and retailers within the constraints of a SEVESO environment. For SC Johnson, our order preparation quality rate routinely runs close to 100% and we ensure next-day and three-day deliveries by appointment, tracking shipments and PODs online. In addition to these efficiencies and strict quality control, SC Johnson values our commitment to a lower environmental impact.

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