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Tata Steel Case Study

A KeyPL solution that covers the entire order-to-cash process.


In 2005, Tata Steel began looking for a transport management provider who could accomplish its vision of improved safety, service levels and efficiency. Without a centralised view of operations, empty trucks were passing each other on the road, duplicating journeys and adding expensive empty miles. Tata needed a transport expert with the necessary technology and experience to underpin a robust and enterprise-wide solution.


XPO Logistics proposed an innovative KeyPL solution for Tata that covers the entire order-to-cash process. KeyPL, exclusive to XPO, is an integrated transport management system that incorporates a visual planner with dynamic drag and drop functionality. This enables KeyPL users to make instant changes based on live information. Built-in optimisation software ensures that the planning and allocation processes result in maximum efficiencies.


By linking multiple Tata sites, customers and third-party haulers through KeyPL, our XPO team has powerful analytics and real-time data in hand. This ensures that the best possible transport plans are created and customer service levels are met. We also use KeyPL to combine the requirements of more than one Tata business unit and decrease empty miles with round-trips, while increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the transport process. The environmental benefits of this solution are considerable, as it has allowed us to optimise service levels within the Tata network while dramatically reducing the total miles traveled.

Rettig Case Study

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