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Xerox Case Study

Innovative logistics processes that extend product life and reduce waste.


Xerox is a global leader in business services and document technology products, including printers and copiers. In line with its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, Xerox instituted a strong focus on recycling its toner cartridges and other consumables, reducing waste and conforming to environmental legislation in Europe and other markets.


XPO designed a full inbound return and retreatment process for Xerox that facilitates the recycling or reuse of as many consumables as possible. Our solution includes collecting and sorting used components, and then disassembling, stripping, cleaning and testing them before reuse. The process also optimises the repair and refurbishment of used machines. We have integrated these programs into our 40,000m2 advanced reverse logistics facility in a high-tech campus in Venray, the Netherlands, which operates in compliance with the most stringent European environmental standards.


Xerox now reuses or recycles approximately 90% of its returned consumables processed at Venray. The remainder is incinerated in energy-producing recovery systems. This means that none of the returned consumables end up in landfills. We have also extended our logistics solutions to include delivery of Xerox machines to a network of specialist repair centers, extending the lifecycle of the technology and reducing costs for Xerox customers.

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