Electric vehicles

XPO has made significant investments in electric vehicles and continues to explore alternative technologies for heavier loads through in-house testing.

In early 2023, we finalised orders for 100 EV trucks for our French fleet, which will be used to transport palletised goods as partial loads. 

E-fuels & alternative energy sources for transportation

 XPO leverages the potential of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), B100, and other non-petroleum-based fuels derived from vegetable or animal sources.

Network site & facility efficiency

You can be assured that we are working on improving internal efficiency on a massive scale.

Natural and biogas

Emphasising sustainable fuel solutions, XPO utilises natural and biogas, offering an alternative to traditional, high-emission fuels

Urban delivery partnerships

We have established partnerships with cycling companies to carry out first and last-mile deliveries in city centres.