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XPO Logistics Europe Announces 2017 Revenue

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LYON, FRANCE — February 8, 2018 XPO Logistics Europe reported full year 2017 consolidated revenue of €5,723 million, a 5.5% increase compared with 2016 (7.6% at a constant exchange rate [1] ) .

Our Supply Chain Europe unit delivered revenue growth of 9.5% (12.3% at a constant exchange rate) year-over-year. Demand for logistics accelerated across diverse sectors and types of customers, with the greatest growth coming in fashion and e-commerce, especially in the United Kingdom. Our Supply Chain US unit delivered 4.5% growth (6.7% at a constant exchange rate), with notable volume increases from food and beverage customers.

Our Transport Solutions unit increased revenue by 1.2% (2.7% at a constant exchange rate). Transport performance was led by demand for our brokerage and dedicated truckload services in a tight capacity market, and by an increase in new business.

Broad-based economic strength in Europe and peak e-commerce demand had company-wide benefits to operations. On a country basis, our five key markets all reported sizable revenue increases, compared with 2016: France (+3.2%), United Kingdom (+3.1%; +10.3% at a constant exchange rate), Spain (+7.2%), Italy (+7.2%) and the Netherlands (+41.7%).

Malcolm Wilson, chief executive officer of XPO Logistics Europe, commented: “We delivered solid revenue growth of 7.6% at a constant exchange rate in 2017, reflecting our commitment to superior customer service and our substantial investments in salesforce effectiveness. Our focus on data analysis enabled us to anticipate customer needs during the holiday peak and adapt quickly, particularly with e-fulfilment.”

We anticipate that 2017 net income will show a moderate increase over 2016, given significant non-recurri ng benefits recorded to 2016 net income, including gains on asset disposals and pension funds restructuring (€40.1 million), and positive adjustments to earn-out liabilities (€24.2 million).



[1] Variations at constant exchange rates are computed by applying the 2017 foreign exchange rates to the 2016 numbers expressed in local currencies.

[2] Unaudited.

[3] Since 2017, the global forwarding operations have been included in the Transport Solutions business. 2016 numbers were updated to reflect this organizational change.

About XPO Logistics, Inc. and XPO Logistics Europe SA
XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO) is a top ten global logistics provider of cutting-edge supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world. The company operates as a highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets in 34 countries, with over 89,000 employees and 1,431 locations. XPO uses its network to help more than 50,000 customers manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains. The company has two reporting segments: transportation and logistics, and within these segments, its business is well diversified by geographies, verticals and types of service.
XPO's corporate headquarters is in Greenwich, Conn., USA, and its European headquarters is in Lyon, France. The company conducts the majority of its European operations through its subsidiary, XPO Logistics Europe SA, in which it holds an 86.25% controlling interest. The remaining stock is traded as XPO on Euronext Paris - Isin FR0000052870.


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