Preparation support

Preparation is key to ensuring a smooth journey for your goods. XPO supports  in the preparation of import, export, and transit customs formalities for air, sea and road transport, to make sure the process is seamless.  

Financial management

 Customs procedures demand an upfront payment, which therefore requires a well-managed cash flow. We serve as a trusted partner, guiding you in managing these financial obligations efficiently, thus maximizing your cash flow. 


The complex and strict nature of customs, with its evolving rules and regulations, calls for a high level of expertise. XPO’s team of consultants possess an in-depth understanding of local and global customs procedures. We provide support and advice on setting up special customs procedures, customs authorizations and AEO certification – ensuring your business remains compliant and operates smoothly. 

Customs optimisation

Businesses need to navigate customs quickly to ensure the timely delivery of goods. We leverage our wide range of resources to streamline your customs procedures, reducing lead times and improving the speed of your operations. 

Providing KPIs

The ability to monitor and evaluate customs operations is critical to business success. XPO uses market-leading software solutions to provides timely and accurate KPIs. This allows you to make data-driven decisions that benefit your business. 


Your business demands transparency and traceability in all operations. We recognise this and ensure a traceable process in our customs operations, offering you complete visibility into your supply chain. 

Engagement with customs authorities

The complexities of customs often requires direct engagement with authorities. As your partner, we take the lead in interacting with customs authorities, ensuring successful transactions and giving you more time for other activities.