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Grocery Retail

A strong track record of reducing supply chain costs and improving service for local, regional and national grocers.

XPO Logistics provides innovative support to grocery retailers of all sizes – strengthening supply chains for national and regional supermarket chains, specialty grocers and local convenience stores. We have a proven track record of continuously improving cost and service structures over the course of long-term relationships.

Each solution we design is engineered to meet the unique requirements of the grocery retail sector. We begin by looking at your entire supply chain to identify the opportunities. Then, by focusing on clearly defined areas of change, we can deliver immediate benefits and build flexibility for the future.

As a leading European expert in cold chain and fast-moving consumer goods, we can process, store and deliver products to optimise stocking and maintain strict quality control. We offer dedicated or shared-user warehousing that meets standards for ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC for food and MHRA, COMAH and HMRC. Our cutting-edge automation can accelerate flows, reduce handling, enhance consistency and protect the environment. And if you need transport capacity, our modern fleet will become part of the solution, tracked in real time.

The transport organization designed by XPO Logistics allows us to save costs and improve the quality of our products, which has a positive impact for our customers. In addition, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions. Perishables are a key activity for DIA and operational excellence, both in terms of food safety and continuous improvement, is a necessity for our customers.
Eduardo Gerrú Polo
Director transport,

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