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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Cutting-edge storage and transport solutions specifically designed for healthcare and cosmetics supply chains.

XPO Logistics has extensive experience with healthcare and cosmetics supply chains — from beauty and skincare products to medical devices and vaccines. Our modern European network maintains the integrity of products during receipt, storage, picking, packing and delivery.

All facilities are carefully managed by specialist teams and monitored to meet stringent standards. This includes sterile and temperature-controlled environments for medical products, and SEVESO/COMAH warehouses for beauty products.

Our expertise in developing highly engineered, IT-based supply chain solutions is ideally suited to healthcare and cosmetics — sectors that rely on innovation, agility and regulatory compliance for consumer satisfaction.

Our customer-centric approach is what drives us to deliver industry-leading results. When our customers win, we win.
Malcolm Wilson
Managing Director, Logistics - Europe
XPO Logistics

bioMérieux Case Study

Precision healthcare solutions that prioritise customer service.

FederFARMACO Case Study

Highly regulated handling of over 60 million product units a year, inbound and outbound.

SC Johnson Case Study

Modern, innovative SEVESO logistics that comply with individual requirements.