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E-fulfillment and Order Management

Leading e-fulfillment capabilities for pure-play e-commerce companies and retailers with multichannel strategies.

XPO Logistics has the largest outsourced e-fulfillment platform in Europe, offering accurate, consistent order preparation and rapid returns processing. Leading companies in the digital space rely on us to support their growth strategies with a range of e-fulfillment solutions: new product launches, market-driven stock changes, gifting promotions and personalisations, seasonal sales peaks and efficient returns processing.

Utilising our extensive network of e-commerce warehousing, we can flex our labour and storage capacity to match the sales patterns of your business and reduce your costs off-season. Our specialist teams will focus on delivering superior consumer experience to protect your brand and encourage repeat business.

XPO’s e-solutions are based on deep experience in a wide range of product categories, including:

  • Fashion and textiles
  • Footwear
  • Luxury goods
  • DIY goods
  • General merchandise
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and white goods
  • Other heavy or bulky items

Each solution is custom-designed and managed with our state-of-the-art technology. This provides real-time control over large order flows, including traceability, and monitors performance with rigorous accuracy.