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Retail and E-commerce

Flexible solutions deliver a world-class consumer experience for retailers and e-commerce companies.

XPO Logistics is a leading supply chain provider to mass market and luxury retailers and pure-play e-commerce companies. We have the largest outsourced e-fulfillment platform in Europe, with robust systems for returns management. All of our solutions are designed to enhance consumer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Are your priorities quality control, timeliness, omni-channel, reverse logistics, sustainability or special handling? Do you ship 100 or 100,000 units per day? In each case, our state-of-the-art facilities and technology can solve your challenges of stock management, order fulfillment and visibility. Importantly, we can flex our labour, storage and transport capacities to meet peaks and reduce costs off-season.


Extensive experience and effective solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs.

Grocery Retail

A strong track record of reducing supply chain costs and improving service for local, regional and national grocers.

Omni-Channel and E-Commerce

Omni-channel solutions that keep pace with customer expectations and protect your brand reputation.