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Reverse Logistics

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Shorter, more cost-effective recovery cycles that meet environmental objectives.

XPO Logistics provides tailor-made returns management through our modern service centers in compliance with the latest regulations.

Today, sustainable development is seen as a key objective by the majority of manufacturers and retailers. We have the resources in place to manage product returns, product waste and packaging in accelerated timeframes while optimizing supply chain costs and customer satisfaction. Our IT systems track reverse flows from receipt of goods to repackaging or recycling, giving you a major competitive advantage in this growing part of the supply chain.

We also handle waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), as well as reverse logistics for pallets and other transit media, reusable containers and cardboard and plastic packaging.

helping companies in Europe operate their supply chains more efficiently, with greater end-customer satisfaction.

Returns Management

Technology-enabled solutions that deliver tangible value and environmental benefits.

Equipment Management

Maximise availability, lower costs and reduce environmental impact.