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Equipment Management

Maximise availability, lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

XPO Logistics will keep your supply chain assets in optimal condition, supporting the productivity and profitability of your business. We have over 30 locations across the UK and Ireland dedicated to building and repairing equipment, while our bespoke management system controls over 24 million equipment units annually.

Manufacturing and Repair

Our certified personnel are skilled in building, assembling and repairing equipment such as tote boxes, dollies and pallets utilised in your supply chain. Repair services can be performed at our site or yours, using our mobile service.

Professional inspections ensure the suitability, safety and compliance of your assets. We use smartphone data capture to pinpoint fault patterns and part failures in real-time, triggering proactive repairs and component replacements. Flexible pricing options range from short-term transactional pricing to full maintenance packages.

Asset Control

XPO’s best-in-class innovation provides full visibility throughout the supply chain. We use our technology to move equipment on and off hire, track trays and other transit media, optimise stock holding and manage supplier accounts. The system also has the ability to charge for equipment use.

These capabilities and more are supported by a dedicated XPO team and can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Features include multilingual functionality, accessibility and customised management reporting.