Decades of expertise at your service

Powerful proprietary technology

End-to-end logistics solution

4PL transport experts

Our 4PL transport experts navigate the multi-faceted world of logistics for you, optimising your supply chain processes and ensuring a seamless flow of goods – providing you with the peace of mind to focus on your core business. 

Data scientists

Our data scientists leverage advanced analytics to make your operations more predictable and efficient. They transform data into actionable insights, identifying potential bottlenecks, forecasting demand, and guiding decisions to enhance your supply chain's performance. 


Our team of developers create and maintain bespoke software solutions that streamline operations. From web-based portals to advanced EDI/XML applications, they build the technology that improves visibility, facilitates communication, and enables real-time decision-making. 

Implementation teams

Our certified project managers and Lean Management black belt holders ensure that your 4PL solution is implemented to the highest standards and with efficiency. They manage every detail of the transition, mitigating risks, overcoming obstacles, and driving continuous improvement for your supply chain. 

I. Simplified management with the control tower

Overseeing multiple partners, Transport Management Systems, and ERPs, can be a complex and frustrating task. XPO’s 4PL solution centralises your logistics management with our Control Tower offering. We operate across Europe with control towers in France, the UK, and the Czech Republic.   

Providing mission-critical oversight of carriers, vendors, freight audits, claims, charge-back notifications, freight payment, pre-billing and more, XPO offers a single point of contact for comprehensive visibility of your supply chain flows. 

II. Enhanced visibility and effective communication

Navigating through multiple communication channels can be challenging and inefficient. We streamline your interactions by using web-based portals for shippers, carriers, and vendors. By offering centralised access to real-time data, we ensure transparent, quick, and effective communication to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. 

III. Strategic collaboration for dynamic solutions

XPO understands that every business has their own individual challenges that require customised solutions. We provide dynamic route and network management to overcome your specific supply chain obstacles. Our team of 4PL transport experts, data scientists, and developers work in sync with you to achieve optimal results and enhance your business performance. 

IV. Performance tracking and continuous improvement

Achieving operational excellence is an ongoing activity. WTS, XPO’s proprietary Order Management System, provides day-to-day performance tracking. It facilitates custom reporting against benchmarked and custom KPIs, including the ability to track the  targets you have with XPO.  
In addition, the ability to monitor on-time loading, delivery volumes, costs (main & accessorial) and service levels in real-time supports data lead planning actions and creates a culture of continuous improvement.