Dedicated Service


Our services adapt swiftly to changes in your company’s dynamics or requirements, expertly managing supply chain fluctuations.  

Value optimisation

We focus on providing a service that is high quality, underpinned by excellent value. Management Relief: By taking on your fleet

Specialist delivery needs

Whether it's night-time deliveries, secure access services, or careful handling requirements, we can tailor our dedicated service to meet your needs. 

CSR alignment

In a world where sustainability is no longer optional, we help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and decarbonisation targets, without compromising on service quality. 

Safety & compliance

With the largest fleet in Europe, XPO’s modern vehicles are compliant with Euro V, EEV, and Euro VI standards.  
We provide ongoing safety training for our drivers, and use new technology to continuously improve our safety ecosystem. Plus our Road to Zero scheme, aimed at ensuring our drivers have zero accidents, honours drivers with accident-free records of one, two and three million miles or more. 


A significant proportion of our fleet is HVO-powered or EV / PHEV as part of our commitment to reducing emissions. You can learn more about our alternative energy progress here {LINK TO ALT ENERGIES PAGE}. 
Whilst our fleet is industry-leading, XPO is continuously modernising and has significant capacity to invest in new vehicles and more advanced green solutions, ensuring we remain safe, environmentally focused, and cost-effective. 

Our dedicated team, your success partners

Your team will consist of: 

  • An operational team to organise, manage and optimise your transport flows 
  • A commercial  representative to listen to you and implement solutions adapted to your needs
  • Experienced and specially trained delivery drivers who go through rigorous safety support programmes (eco-driving, road to zero, etc.) 
    24-hour customer support