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Event Logistics

Solve your event logistics challenges with XPO

Flexibility and agility

The dynamic nature of events logistics means solutions need to be adaptable. At XPO, our extensive network and volume of resources allows for a responsive and versatile logistics approach that can accommodate sudden changes and evolving needs. 

Time-critical coordinated delivery and removal

With strict schedules being the norm for events, precision is key. Our teams of experts carefully schedule and coordinate the event, and utilise XPO’s expansive transport infrastructure to ensure the timely delivery and efficient removal of goods aligned with your specified timeline.   

Handling oversized shipment

Events often involve unusual and oversized elements that can pose a challenge in standard shipments. XPO's expertise in handling specialised shipments mitigates this, ensuring the safe transport and delivery of these valuable and often integral pieces for your event. 

Global forwarding and overseas transport

elivering international events requires an understanding of the customs and global forwarding requirements. XPO's worldwide footprint and experienced customs handling team means you have peace of mind that no matter where your event takes place, XPO can support you. 

Safety challenges

Safety is a number one priority for event organisers, and for XPO. XPO leverages market leading technology and strict protocols to ensure that all goods are transported securely. Our professional, safety-conscious drivers are expertly trained by XPO and undertake our ‘Road to Zero’ safety program to comply with your expectations. 

Decarbonisation for public events

s sustainability becomes more crucial to an event’s blueprint, managing the carbon footprint of your event is not only desirable but it is increasingly a mandatory requirement. XPO is committed to implementing eco-efficient logistics solutions through alternative energies, efficient warehousing, and multi-modal transport solutions, helping your event to align with green standards and consumer expectations.  

Solutions customised to your business

Your dedicated team: experts available 24/7

Our XPO professionals ensure that all logistical aspects of your event are handled efficiently and accurately. Our dedicated events team includes: 

  • A single point of contact who understands your event inside and out, available 24/7 
  • A highly experienced coordination team deployed on-site
  • Expert and passionate drivers that receive additional XPO specific training  


Trusted by the best

‚ÄčOur reputation as a trusted provider of event logistics services has been proven by our work with some of the most respected names in the event industry. We've provided logistics solutions for the Tour de France for over 40 years, as well as IRONMAN, MuMO, and the Freeride World Tour – highlighting XPO’s ability to handle event logistics of any scale and complexity.

Guarantee event success with XPO

Events are complex, but with the right partner, you can overcome the logistical challenges they present.  
Whether you are planning a single location event or a global tour, XPO's customised solutions, dedicated team, and global, end-to-end capabilities make it the number one choice for your event logistics.