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Women in transport: striving for better

At XPO, we know women in logistics are underrepresented across the industry. We want to change that. 
To date, 18% of our team are women across all levels, and in our graded positions 43% are women – whilst this is better than the industry average, we still have progress to make. XPO is committed to getting more women in transportation through our DEI efforts, be that female HGV drivers, operations staff, technology team, or senior leadership.  
Studies show that women are less likely to apply to roles if they don’t meet every single criteria, whilst men are more likely to. If you feel you are suited to one of the open jobs at XPO logistics, we encourage you to apply, even if you can’t tick every criteria.  

Our actions: beyond words

Measurable Outcomes 
We are dedicated to creating a workplace where every individual can thrive and succeed. To this end, we have implemented seven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a European level that help us monitor and track our advancements in various crucial areas, including:

  • Gender inclusion: Actively working to reduce the gender gap across all levels in our organisation.
  • Disability inclusion: Initiating programs that facilitate the employment and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.
  • Age diversity: Promoting a workforce that appreciates the contributions of individuals across different age groups.
  • Managerial training and D&I partnerships development: Implementing training programs that nurture managerial skills and foster an inclusive work environment.

By setting concrete goals and evaluating our progress periodically, we ensure that our efforts result in real, measurable change. 

Impactful initiatives

We understand that to enact genuine change, it is essential to implement actionable strategies at a grassroots level. XPO has kick-started numerous programs across the business and within local communities to bolster our commitment to diversity and inclusion, such as: