HGV Drivers

The XPO experience

Find a Schedule to Suit Your Needs

Discover the perfect schedule that suits your lifestyle at XPO. We offer a wide variety of roles, with varying shift patterns depending on several factors including the specific site and line of business.  
To explore the opportunities we offer and find a role tailored to you, visit our Careers page for detailed job ads. 

Your Fleet, Your Pride

XPO’s fleet is a testament to our commitment to excellence and safety. Here, you get to be at the helm of modern vehicles equipped with extensive safety features, and customer-focused features including industry-leading track and trace technology.  
You will gain exposure to a variety of vehicles and types of transportation methods, including bulk transportation, LTL, FTL, and more – meaning you are equipped with the skills required to navigate shipments across Europe. 
XPO is also committed to a greener future, reflected in our substantial investment in an electric fleet, a step towards fostering sustainable solutions in the industry.