Customer Tools



Webtracking is an easy-to-use technology that provides the ability to check on the status of palletized dispatches in real-time, from the moment each shipment leaves the packing dock to the moment it arrives at its destination.


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E-LogiFlux makes it simple to manage product uplifts, monitor the status of palletized deliveries, create transport documents for collection, and download signed waybill receipts.


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MyTransportEurope supports efficient supply chain management through the secure transmittal of business information, such as order follow-ups, proofs of delivery, activity reports and more. This tool is available to XPO customers, suppliers and business partners.


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Sharpnet can be used to transmit supply chain information in real-time: transport orders, product information, delivery status updates and more. This easy-to-use portal also offers a customized report feature.


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XPO Connect

As a digital freight marketplace powered by real-time data, XPO Connect gives you a centralized platform to manage your business online.


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Stocknet is a customizable tool for the management of products in warehouses, regardless of their nature and methods of identification. Stocknet can be used to manage the inflow of products, inventory levels, order processing, and outbound dispatches.


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Key-PL oversees the implementation of transport solutions and support business decisions. It provides real-time visibility into transport activities and costs, and tracks performance against the customer-specific transport plan co-developed with XPO Logistics.


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