Our expansive LTL network is your solution for regional, national and cross-border palletized and partial loads.

National and Multinational

XPO is a global leader in LTL transportation, with reliable, compliant pallet distribution across the continent..


XPO has built a reputation as a highly reliable provider of LTL transport over decades of service to shippers. In Europe, we complete hundreds of daily shuttles and scheduled groupage lines each week, with a network that serves 31 countries inside and outside the Eurozone. Our lane density for palletized service covers the regions that produce approximately 90% of the Eurozone’s GDP.


If your supply chain requires a dedicated solution, we can arrange guaranteed capacity for your LTL freight. We also offer multimodal, dedicated solutions that integrate full truckload capacity. You will have access to a secure web portal where you can book online, track your shipments and collect delivery receipts.

Key Capabilities

  • Reliability – One of the largest, most modern and safest-equipped fleets in the industry
  • Flexibility – All types of commodities accepted Expertise – Over 30 years of experience as an LTL carrier Business intelligence – Data-driven reporting and custom analytics
  • Multinational – Negotiated terms for service in Western Europe and North America
  • Multimodal – Access to XPO's complete range of transportation and logistics solutions
  • Responsive – Contact our customer service team at commercial-transporteurope@xpo.com

Domestic Distribution

XPO is a leading LTL provider in Western Europe, with the largest ADR network serving the UK and Ireland.


Outsourcing your domestic LTL freight to XPO shifts your costs from fixed to variable, while achieving cost-saving standardization. Our competitive tariff rate model gives you control over your costs, and our palletized solutions include specialized handling equipment, such as tail lift, pump truck and pump-over services.


We can accommodate all types of goods, as well as supplier management and returns management. For oversized or heavy items, we have a last mile offering that includes warehousing and specialized two-man distribution.


As with our other services, XPO’s scale, experience and technology work to your advantage. We deliver over two million pallets a year across the UK and Ireland alone, with the largest ADR network in the market. This comprehensive, shared-user service is ideal for LTL shippers who value flexibility, cost savings and real-time pallet tracking.