Managed Transport

Our experts will provide you with a tailored strategy that flexes with your requirements for capacity, routing and cost control.

Managed Transport

Built to Scale

From agile Key-PL® control tower solutions to dedicated capacity, we can help you move raw materials, parts and finished goods with greater efficiency. Our transport experts take the time to understand your requirements and identify areas for improvement. The solutions we recommend will be customised to save you money, reducing your investments in equipment, software, facilities and staffing.


We want to deliver increasing value for you over the long-term. After we collaborate on a plan, we will continue to monitor the approach we put in place to ensure that it remains optimal for your supply chain.

Turnkey Key-PL® Solutions

Turnkey KeyPL® Solutions

Mission-critical Key-PL® services across Europe

XPO’s Key-PL® control tower experts will design a solution for you that encompasses carrier management, price optimisation, asset utilisation if appropriate, and ongoing analysis of your shipping patterns ­­– determining the optimal routes now, and making adjustments as circumstances change. Our technology is adept at managing comprehensive freight flows, carriers and vendors, as well as freight audits and payments, claims and other processes.


Our focus at XPO is on delivering value through superior performance that is continuously improved over time. When we see opportunities to achieve more cost control and productivity, we proactively capture those benefits for you.

Key capabilities

  • Buying power – XPO is a top five global provider of managed transport for customers in diverse industries
  • Control tower management – Mission-critical oversight of carriers, vendors, freight audits and payments, claims, charge-back notifications and other processes
  • Proprietary technology – Connects in real time with thousands of carriers and facilitates EDI/XML
  • Visibility and communication – Web-based portals for shippers, carriers and vendors
  • Strategic collaboration – Dynamic route and network management solves business-specific challenges
  • Ongoing analysis – Performance scoring and custom reporting against benchmarked KPIs