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No matter the size, weight or destination – XPO Logistics will ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo across air, land and sea.

From aerospace to luxury, pharmaceutical to industrial, all sectors face challenges when transporting their freight. Timely deliveries, safety, cost-effective shipping, and stringent documentation are non-negotiable. 
At XPO, we mitigate these complexities through targeted solutions, offering industry-specific, end-to-end logistics management services.  
Let XPO navigate the nuances of freight forwarding services, so you can focus on your core business. 

Transport & customs engineering

We navigate global regulations, customs requirements, and logistics processes to ensure your goods reach their destination  problem free. This includes taking care of all necessary documents, fees, and insurance. 

AOG (Aircraft On Ground)

When an aircraft is grounded due to technical issues, XPO’s specialised AOG services provide the rapid solutions needed to minimise downtime and guarantee operational continuity. 

Oversized transport & industrial projects

No cargo is too large or complex for XPO to handle. From relocating entire factories to transporting oversized machinery, we ensure safe and streamlined delivery, for projects of all scales. 

Transport of hazardous materials

XPO’s specialised services extend to the safe transportation of hazardous materials, with rigorous adherence to IMDG and ADR regulations. Plus, our controlled temperature solutions guarantee the safe transit of sensitive goods. 

Eastern country solutions

We offer specialised services for Eastern countries, addressing the specific logistical challenges this region poses. 

Delivering excellence & value

XPO has a range of service offerings, each with a spectrum of options that provide distinct value and quality. This affords you the freedom to select a solution that best harmonises with your needs and expectations. 

Safety and timeliness

Your customers expect their products to be delivered the right way. Ensuring the safe, punctual arrival of your goods is our  priority. We promise delivery performance and commit to respecting lead times and transit times. 

Navigating the shipping tradeoff

Striking the right balance between cost and speed when choosing your shipping method is essential. XPO’s team offers expert advice on selecting the capacity for your shipments. Whether it's affordable sea freight services with longer transit times or speedy but more costly air freight for expedited shipping, we find the right solution for your needs. 

Documentation and traceability

Staying on top of documentation and maintaining traceability can be daunting. XPO’s advanced digital platforms simplify these processes, making documentation accessible and shareable, and offering real-time tracking of your goods. 

Customised industry solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. By understanding your specific needs, you benefit from customised solutions that correspond with the specific demands of your business and industry. 


XPO Europe utilises HVO and electric vehicles where possible, and implements our multimodal model, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your logistics process. 

Expert advice

As a customs broker we offer specialised advice for your business sectors, ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry stan


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