Additional Logistics Services

Beyond warehousing: our value-added services

Repurposing and repackaging

Whether it's a shift in marketing strategy or an update in product information, repackaging or relabelling needs can occur suddenly. In such scenarios, you need a partner that can swiftly adapt to changes while ensuring stock accuracy and timely deliveries.  
XPO’s repackaging and relabelling services guarantee that your stock reflects the most recent changes, maintains the brand’s image, and meets regulatory standards, all while still aligning with our commitment of serving your customers with timely deliveries. 

Sorting operations: turning chaos into order

With XPO’s industry leading sorting operations, we ensure warehouses remain organised and efficient. By quickly categorising returned items into breakage, return to stock, or repackaging categories, we help you maintain order and optimise your warehouse operations. 

Empty packaging management: a step towards sustainability

Dealing with empty packaging might not be a glamorous task, but it’s a crucial aspect of reverse logistics that supports your sustainability efforts. XPO takes charge of managing your empty packaging, repurposing and recycling materials where possible, and helping to create a greener supply chain.