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Full Truckload Shipping

Your logistics, our expertise

A cutting edge fleet

We own a modern fleet, of over 20,000 assets 8,000 motors and 12,000 trailers, that is built to deliver efficiency and sustainability. With 98% of our fleet compliant with Euro V, EEV and Euro VI standards, and drivers extensively trained in safety and sustainability, we ensure optimal performance whilst also making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.  
Alongside our own fleet, we can also supplement brokered trucks and drivers to meet volume surges, all under our control. That means you can rest easy that your deliveries get where they need to go, and importantly throughout all your seasonal peaks.

A team you can trust

People are at the heart of XPO Logistics. The experienced professionals supporting your full truckload delivery service include: 

  • Account executives
  • Solutions engineers
  • 24-hour customer service representatives
  • Experienced and specially trained full truckload drivers – who know the region inside out
  • Experienced material handlers
  • Brokers
  • Health & safety

Extensive coverage and scale

With a footprint in 15 countries across Europe, we are the largest truck broker in the region with over 4,000 transport partners.  
We take pride in being the leader in cross-channel crossings between France and the UK, as well as leading EU-Morocco crossings.  

Industry leading technology

Our advanced technology tools offer you transparency and optimisation. Real-time traceability gives you control  of your shipment's progress, while our route optimisation technology ensures the most efficient transport routes, further reducing your costs and environmental impact. 

Competitive price & quality

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. XPO offers full truckload solutions for all routes, assuring reliable capacity underpinned by market leading quality and optimal value.  
Our mission is to provide value, which includes finding the best providers to deliver your goods reliably and cost-effectively. 

Your holistic logistics solution


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