Jobs at XPO

Opportunities across the business

Site and fleet operations

Be a vital cog in the machine that guarantees optimal quality of service and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide number of rewarding opportunities, including: 
Site managers and transport/operations managers: You will lead the overall management of operations, including cost optimization, on-time delivery and ensuring stellar customer service.  
Transport operator / Transport planner: You will be in charge of delivery times and arrange them with carriers, plan and coordinate shipments and optimize fleet management. 
Mechanical: In charge of preventive and corrective maintenance operations. 
Loading dock operator / stevedore: Facilitate the continuous flow of entry and exit of goods. 
Forklift driver and warehouse operator: It will carry out efficient loading and unloading processes and storage of goods in an organized manner. 
All of these functions interrelate and collaborate to ensure that XPO can meet customer needs while maintaining high levels of safety and quality.


Become a pillar of our success as part of a solid and innovative sales force. Your journey may involve positioning XPO effectively in tenders, building client portfolios, and assuming an advisory role in a key partnership position with our clients. Our sales teams work across the company and collaborate with various functional teams to come up with the best solutions for our customers.  
Opportunities include positions such as Sales Director, Business Development Executive and Key Account Managers. 


As a constantly evolving industry, our technology teams are essential for XPO to maintain its competitive advantage thanks to technological advances.
Technology is integrated into all of our operations, allowing us to create ways to transport goods more efficiently through automation, digital freight marketplace and dynamic data science.  
Career opportunities include positions in project management, information security, application development, product support, IT infrastructure, data analytics/BI, technical support and more. 

Support functions

Behind the scenes, our support functions collaborate with business units to meet our goals and drive XPO to success. Whether you have experience in transportation and logistics or not, XPO seeks the best talent in HR, Finance, Legal and Communications to work with our operations and contribute their experience to keep the organization running like clockwork.