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Warehousing Services

Continuous Improvement

Staying on top of customer demands, regulatory overhauls, and a changing technological landscape to maintain operational efficiency takes time and expertise.  
When you partner with XPO, you essentially hire a team of experts with decades of experience, who take over the responsibility of managing the logistical elements of your business. Our warehouse logistics services act as the backbone of your supply chain, ensuring a seamless flow of goods from production to delivery, and one less thing for you to worry about.  

The best technology for optimal productivity

Partnering with XPO means having access to a state-of-the-art warehouse management system.
XPO Logistics has the capacity to strategically invest in technology that makes real business sense and drives ROI. Whether that is funding substantial capital investment from the beginning of a partnership or integrating smaller technology solutions during contract as part of XPO’s continuous improvement approach, our focus is on optimal productivity.  
Benefits from some of our innovations include improving storage density through vertical storage solutions and improving service levels and productivity through the roll out of the Hunic Exoskeleton to our warehouse staff.  

Europe’s epicentre for excellence

Our 70+ warehousing facilities span across the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Romania, and Italy, positioning us to serve a wide array of industries and geographies efficiently.  
These multi-client facilities allow us to offer end-to-end services, customised to your specific requirements. Our extensive footprint across Europe and our commitment to operational excellence put us ahead of the pack – no matter where your business is, XPO is ready to offer its leading warehousing solutions to you. 

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