Full Truckload

XPO delivers the largest combination of owned and brokered capacity in Europe, managed with industry-leading technology.

Full Truckload

Dedicated and brokered solutions

We serve every major industry in Europe with reliable, full truckload transport of packed, bulk, hazardous and temperature-controlled goods. Our experts take the time to understand your requirements and recommend an approach that flexes as your needs evolve. All of our solutions prioritise on-time performance and visibility.


If dedicated capacity is the best solution, our fleet is 98% compliant with Euro V, EEV and Euro VI standards, operated by drivers trained in safety and sustainability. We can also combine our fleet with brokered trucks and drivers that we oversee on your behalf. This can be an effective way to meet volume surges.


If you prefer a fully brokered solution, our XPO Connect™, digital freight platform provides end-to-end visibility. The algorithms in the Freight Optimizer engine source the optimal carriers based on load characteristics, performance history, equipment and cost, and we monitor carrier safety ratings, insurance qualifications and operating authorities. In certain regions, we can draw on our own fleet as supplemental, non-dedicated capacity.


For shippers with multinational requirements, we can arrange negotiated truckload terms for service across Europe. In addition, all of our truckload customers have easy access to our full range of XPO transport modes.

France – #1 provider of dry van truckload and a top three provider of truck brokerage


Spain – #1 provider of truck brokerage service with large presence throughout Iberia, #1 in automotive aftermarket service and a leader in night deliveries


UK – Fast-growing, top three provider of dedicated truckload service, #1 in automotive aftermarket service with night-delivery offering, and #1 in fuel distribution


Central Europe* – Top three provider of dedicated service, #1 in automotive aftermarket service with night-delivery offering, and #1 in fuel distribution


* Poland, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Belgium and Slovakia

Multiple Modes

Multiple Modes

We can move it all: finished goods, industrial materials and parts and government freight:


Full truckload – Dry vans, temperature-controlled, flatbeds, dropdecks and oversized, bulk transport, dedicated solutions, multimodal transport


Less-than-truckload (LTL) – Standard, volume, guaranteed and refrigerated


Heavy haul – Dropdecks, double drops, oversized/overweight, permitted and specialized


Last mile – Home delivery of heavy goods, typically omnichannel retail and e-commerce

Multiple Modes

XPO Connect™

Our multimodal digital freight platform connects you to our transportation network and the predictive data that powers it.


XPO Connect™ is one of our most forward-looking innovations – an automated marketplace, unique to the industry, that provides efficient, virtual access to XPO's range of transportation services. The technology uses machine learning to become continually smarter at helping shippers and carriers manage capacity.


We developed XPO Connect™ to integrate our Freight Optimizer carrier-matching engine and Drive XPO driver app as one holistic digital platform. Data is analysed from multiple sources in real time to source the optimal carrier for each load, weighted by cost and performance. Predictive algorithms take real-time market conditions into account. For larger customers, we can tailor routing, carrier assignment and execution according to specific business rules.


Ask us about the benefits of connecting your enterprise, warehouse management and supply chain management systems with our platform through easy EDI and web integration.

Key tech capabilities

‘Best-fit’ carrier matching – Weighted by cost and performance data and powered by XPO algorithms


Secure web portal – Self-service tools and superior visibility


Dynamic load optimisation – Comprehensive capabilities for transactional shipments


Implementation of business rules – Governs carrier assignment, routing and execution for large accounts