We provide innovative transportation solutions for the most demanding supply chains in the world.

Service-Driven Culture

We use our network to help customers manage their goods most efficiently throughout their supply chains. At the top of our value proposition is an intense customer service culture that connects our team worldwide. Our people are focused on finding new ways to help our customers succeed, while becoming continuously more efficient ourselves.


Customer relationships are the lifeblood of our business. However, we never forget that we have responsibilities to many other stakeholders as well: investors, employees, carriers, business partners, local communities and global society. When we say we offer massive capacity and cutting-edge technology, we are speaking directly to all stakeholders of XPO about the what matters to them.

Service Driven



XPO’s safety culture prioritizes the well-being of our colleagues and customers. One of our main objectives is to achieve zero job-related injuries and accidents. We use training and technology to continuously improve our safety ecosystem, and we have XPO safety professionals positioned across the countries in our network.


Our commitment to safe practices is evident in our global Road to Zero initiative and in the strict compliance measures that guide our operations. In addition, our safety team is available to assist customers with programs that can reduce cargo damage, improve security and enhance worker safety. We also offer online safety training for owner-operators in our motor carrier networks.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

At XPO, we take pride in having a culture that welcomes women, people of color, LGBT individuals and those who are differently abled. In this way, we create respectful workplaces with a diversity of talents and perspectives.


In addition, we are moving forward on gender equity through progressive workplace initiatives, active recruiting of women in all roles and internal promotions. Our female executives and managers serve as role models in our organization.


Our industry is one in which women have typically been underrepresented. That’s why we’re proud to report on progress being made on increasing the numbers of women in our workforce and in closing the gender pay gap. We welcome the government’s initiatives in this important area of public policy. Download our 2020-2021 UK Gender Pay Gap Reports.

We believe it is imperative that our company reflect the diverse makeup of the customers and communities we serve. Our focus on diversity is evident in our Values and our Code of Business Ethics, which specifically define XPO as being respectful and non-discriminatory. Our commitment, however, goes beyond just saying the right things. It is about doing the right things. Results will always matter to us, and they matter the most when they come from behavior that is fair, respectful, lawful and honest.


Beyond our operations, our company is a strong proponent of supplier diversity. We make contracting and procurement opportunities available to businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans and members of the LGBT community, as well as those owned by, or operated in support of, differently abled individuals.



Our definition of corporate social responsibility includes the economic, environmental and social aspects of XPO as a sustainable business. It encompasses the hundreds of thousands of individuals we touch — our employees, customers, investors, suppliers and the communities where we operate. When we undertake initiatives that transform supply chains for the better, we also reinforce XPO as a responsible brand.

As part of our commitment, we operate our business in a manner that demonstrates a high regard for the environment. Our approach is one of continuous improvement based on innovation.

We promote environmental sustainability in our operations for two reasons. First, it’s good business and the right thing to do. And second, it’s important to many of our stakeholders that we participate in the transition to a low carbon economy. We collaborate with customers to create action plans that reduce the emissions related to their supply chains through route optimization, load consolidation and process automation.


View our Sustainability and CSR Reports


High standard of conduct

We do not tolerate any conduct that contributes to, encourages or facilitates human trafficking, child labour, forced compulsory labour or any other human rights abuses. 

Download our Modern Slavery Act Statement.


We operate in full compliance with all regulatory tax laws.

Download XPO's UK 2023 Tax Strategy

  • 100 electric trucks purchased from Renault Trucks for our French fleet
  • 225 natural gas trucks in our European fleet
  • 98% of our fleet is compliant with Euro V, EEV and Euro VI standards with an average truck age of about 3.5 years
  • In Spain, we own government-approved mega-trucks to transport freight with fewer trips
  • Our last mile operations in Europe use electric vehicles for deliveries in certain urban areas