We help companies extract the most value from their supply chains through the efficient digital management of goods.

Rapid-Fire Innovation

XPO is devoting significant resources to technological development on behalf of our customers around the globe. We believe that innovation, propelled by scale, creates better ways to move goods into the hands of the people who need them. 


XPO's commitment to technology includes an investment of approximately $550 million annually. Our technologists are embedded throughout our operations, focused on four areas of innovation: automation and intelligent machines, visibility and customer service, our digital freight marketplace and dynamic data science.

XPO Connect™

XPO Connect™

Our multimodal digital freight platform connects you to our transportation network and the predictive data that powers it.


XPO Connect™ is one of our most forward-looking innovations – an automated marketplace, unique to the industry, that provides efficient, virtual access to XPO's range of transportation services. The technology uses machine learning to become continually smarter at helping shippers and carriers manage capacity.


We developed XPO Connect™ to integrate our Freight Optimizer carrier-matching engine and Drive XPO driver app as one holistic digital platform. Data is analysed from multiple sources in real time to source the optimal carrier for each load, weighted by cost and performance. Predictive algorithms take real-time market conditions into account. For larger customers, we can tailor routing, carrier assignment and execution according to specific business rules.


  • In-hand procurement for drivers
  • Fully automated transactional app
  • Self-service, intuitive dashboard tools
  • Posting, load booking, negotiating, tracking, freight management and e-documentation



All of the capabilities described above are either available now or planned for implementation, depending on the country of operation.