Create an XPO Connect™ Account

Can I have access to XPO Connect™ carrier?

Absolutely! If you're a qualified transport partner, you can access the XPO Connect™ platform for carriers.

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How to register?

Registering is easy! Simply follow this link to initiate the process: Click for self-registration. An email will be sent to you with your credentials to access the guest user page and start the process. Please keep your insurance certificate and relevant licences handy for the subsequent steps.

Do I need to complete all the information for account creation?

Yes, please provide details in all the required fields to ensure a smooth setup. Need help with your account creation? Feel free to reach out to us at

What if I am already collaborating with XPO and want access to XPO Connect™?

That’s not a problem: you can request access here: click for access.

I already have an account on XPO Connect™ and want to login – what should I do?

You can log in to your existing account here: Login now.

I have an account on XPO Connect™ but forgot my password – what should I do?

Resetting your password is straightforward! Please visit this link, input your email ID, click 'NEXT', then select 'Forgot Password'.

This will trigger an email to be sent to you with guidance on resetting your password.

Who from my organisation can use XPO Connect™ for Carriers?

Anyone in your team can utilise XPO Connect™! The platform offers various roles and permissions that you can customise to access or restrict functionalities so it is relevant to specific roles (operations, drivers, administrative staff, etc.).

How can I invite my team to join our XPO Connect™ account?

If you already have access to XPO Connect™, you can invite your team to join in a few quick steps. To add your team to the portal, select 'Administration' in the main menu toolbar, followed by 'Users and roles'. Here, you can add new users effortlessly, through the ‘Add New User’ button on the right of the page.